Image of No Holds Barred


Image of No Holds Barred

NO HOLDS BARRED (3) by Marisa Carroll: Widower Ethan Hunt already has a 24/7 job as crew chief for the struggling Sanford Racing team, so when his 11-year-old daughter's nanny breaks her leg, he's in dire straits. Sgt. Cassie Connors, discharged from the Marines, isn't certain she's the best choice to be Sadie's spring break companion. After all, she's still recovering from a shrapnel-injured leg and post-traumatic stress disorder. But taking the position will give her sister Mia an opportunity to work in the racing industry. As the Connors family, dog included, invades Ethan's life and home, they also fill his heart. If only he can convince Cassie to accept a permanent position in his life. Carroll's heartwarming story is not as emotionally charged as it could be.

Reviewed by: 
Sabrina Madan