Image of No Limits


Image of No Limits

Kent continues her popular SG-5
series with her latest entry. Set in the sultry Louisiana bayou, this tale is full of small-town intrigue, though the villains are readily apparent. Kent does a
great job of developing all the characters in this book, not just the hero and
heroine. While connected to the series, this novel also reads easily as a stand-alone tale.

When Simon Baptiste left Bayou Allain, his choices were the army or jail. After his latest mission goes badly, he returns home to the bayou to face his past and take care of some unfinished business. Upon his return, he finds a naked woman in his house, shivering and scared.

New York socialite Micky Ferrer traveled to Bayou Allain to see her best friend. She quickly learns that her friend is missing, and someone tries to kill her for asking questions around town. Running for her life, Micky turns to the sexy man whose house she broke into for help. When Simon agrees to help Micky they begin to uncover secrets that someone will kill to protect. (BRAVA, May, 320 pp., $14.00)

Reviewed by: 
Devon Paige