A new romantic suspense talent has arrived, and readers are going to experience back-to-back releases of her first three books. Pulling no punches with this exciting debut, Dane quickly establishes her credentials as a promising new star. A tough, driven heroine and a sexy, mysterious hero give this story plenty of cutting-edge action and riveting suspense.

Anger and guilt fuel the flames driving San Antonio homicide detective Rebecca Montgomery. Five months earlier, Becca's high school-age sister Danielle was abducted and is presumed dead. Barred from working her sister's case, she gets a new assignment when skeletal remains are discovered behind the walls of an old theater.

At the crime scene, Becca is approached by the mysterious Diego Galvan, who's connected to both a crime family and a powerful new boss who may be linked to the bones. But what is Diego's stake in this? Becca won't back down, and her relentless digging may just uncover a world of dark secrets kept with deadly force. (AVON, Apr., 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith