Image of No One to Trust: A Novel (Hidden Identity) (Volume 1)


Image of No One to Trust: A Novel (Hidden Identity) (Volume 1)

Eason begins an exciting new series with action and thrilling chase scenes. But the main character, Summer, is difficult to care about. Her pious inability to forgive and her black-and-white mentality don’t mesh with her supposedly deep faith, and this conflict isn’t really addressed. The conclusion is excellent, and mystery lovers will enjoy this suspenseful novel.

Summer Abernathy awakens one morning with a gun pointed at her face. The men in her bedroom want a laptop that her husband, Kyle — who they refer to as David — stole. Summer discovers things about Kyle that shock her. Has he been lying during their entire relationship? Is their marriage even real? As events unfold, Summer and her husband work together for justice, even if trust is tenuous. (REVELL, Jan., 336 pp., $14.99)
Reviewed by: 
Melissa Parcel