Image of With No One as Witness


Image of With No One as Witness
Politics is still playing a major role in the inner workings of New Scotland Yard. Acting superintendent Thomas Lynley has not been able to get the assistant commissioner to reinstate former sergeant Barbara Havers to her previous rank. That effort is just made more complicated by the sudden, but deserved, promotion of Winston Nkata to detective sergeant.

It becomes apparent that the department has dropped the ball when Lynley is handed a potential serial killer case. Four adolescent boys have been found murdered in various locations, but no one linked them before. That the first three victims were of mixed race is not playing well in the press. Lynley and Havers realize they are dealing with a very clever and dangerous psychopath who has no intention of being stopped. For Lynley this case will have tragic consequences.

George continues to put her brilliant odd couple of Lynley and Havers—he's an earl, she's working class—through treacherous waters both physically and psychologically. Top-notch suspense and intense characterizations confirm that George is a true master. The darkness and tragic fallout from this book will haunt readers. (Mar., 624 pp., $26.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith