Image of No One But You (Kimani Romance)


Image of No One But You (Kimani Romance)
In Michelle Monkou's No One But You (4), the hurdle of trust that Jackson Thomas and Professor Sara Lovell must overcome make this a story that moves from beginning to end. Sara is celebrating her birthday and doesn't expect Jackson to be on the guest list. But her sorority sisters invited him because they hope Sara's unresolved feelings for Jackson will jump-start her love life. Jackson hopes that she'll forgive him for leaving her during college and bowing to the wishes of his domineering parents. Sara still has strong feelings for Jackson, but he must atone for not only his mistake but also for that of the man that she was engaged to after their college romance. Jackson has to overcome Sara's trust issues and let her know that he's ready for them to have a life together.
Reviewed by: 
Debbie R. Sims