Image of No Ordinary Cowboy (Rodeo Rebels)


Image of No Ordinary Cowboy (Rodeo Rebels)

NO ORDINARY COWBOY (4.5) by Marin Thomas: Lucy Durango and Tony Bravo both carry a heart full of guilt over Lucy’s brother’s drunken driving death, which also destroyed the secret relationship they were nurturing. To honor her late brother’s memory, Lucy has to bring in enough donations to keep paying the bills at Pony Express — a free taxi service for inebriated cowboys. She turns to Tony for help, but he needs her help, too: Border patrol is operating off Lucy’s family ranch, and he needs Lucy to run interference with her hostile family. Thomas slowly and skillfully unveils the personal secrets that affect the moves of each character and presents two people riddled with guilt over a loved one’s death with emotional dexterity.

Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper