Miss Jane Wittington's hopes of travel and adventure are dashed when her father betroths her to foppish Lord William Chadwick. But Chadwick is not what he seems, which Jane soon learns when he becomes involved in a high-stakes game of espionage to catch a traitoress.

As they journey across the English countryside, colliding with danger at every turn, Jane realizes that she has gotten everything she's wanted—adventure, passion and love—and William knows she is the perfect woman to understand who he really is.

Sprightly, engaging characters, loads of action and a panoramic picture of the entwined British and Russian histories in Afghanistan (rather pertinent today) will keep you completely engrossed and eagerly awaiting the next novel, which tells the story of Jane's sister and William's best friend. SENSUAL (Jan., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin