When Mitchell Storm inherited the mantle of head of Clan Storm, he gained responsibility for the economic survival of an entire island. For centuries the Isle of Storm, off the cost of Scotland, has been the hereditary home of Clan Storm. A bitter feud that dates back several generations separated twin brothers and wound up starting an American branch of the family. Today, Victoria "Torey" Storm, the last of the American Storms, is arguably the wealthiest woman in the US.

Unfortunately for Mitchell, while he might have the title and responsibility, he doesn't have the money. He does have one last hope however: if Mitchell can locate the legendary lost treasure of Clan Storm, he can get the island back on its feet. According to his grandfather's dying words, the key to the treasure is bringing back "Victoria." But which Victoria? Torey's mansion in Newport contains several painting and statues of Queen Victoria that were "stolen" from the Island.

Lonely and a bit bored, Torrey is intrigued when she is approached by Mitchell and his companion Iain MacClumpha with their dilemma, and she decides to go to Scotland to join the quest. Do clues from the tragic love story of an earlier Mitchell and Victoria hold the answer?

Suzanne Simmons is on a roll! For passion, romance, humor and a touch of intrigue, you can't do better than NO ORDINARY MAN! (Apr. 312 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith