Princess Calhoun is no ordinary princess. She doesn't live in a castle, but in a small Oklahoma oil drilling town. She isn't petite with lovely eyes; instead, she is large-boned with thick glasses. But she's oil magnet King Calhoun's daughter, a Princess nonetheless.

When ex-Rough Rider Tom Walker arrives, he sets his sights on Princess. Though at 23 she is considered a domineering spinster, fortune-hunting Tom is out to make her his wife.

Tom finds work in the fields by day, but by evening, fearful that she would never love him as Tom, comes courting Princess (or Cessy as he calls her) as rich adventurer Gerald Tarkington Crane from New Jersey, and easily ensnares Princess, who soon becomes his wife. There's only one problem: he's in love with the generous, sensual, wonderful woman she becomes in his arms and his bed. What in the world will happen when Princess, a hopeless romantic who believes in love at first sight, learns the truth?

Charming, warm, tender, poignant and funny NO ORDINARY PRINCESS will steal your heart as Pamela Morsi weaves her spell over you. You'll laugh, cry and cheer Princess on her quest to get her man and Tom as he discovers the true meaning of love. NO ORDINARY PRINCESS is what Americana romance is all about. SENSUAL (June, 350 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin