The Fox is one of the best pickpockets in London because of his small size and quickness. When he is caught, he is left with Alec Breckridge, the Earl of Somerset, as an act of charity.

Alec realizes that the Fox is a girl when he invites her for a meal, but he doesnt know how old she is and fears that he is lusting after a child. He asks her to stay and offers her a position. She agrees, not wanting to leave a fine home, three meals a day and a soft bed.

Kate is also attracted to Alec, but confused by him; one minute he is nice and the next he is pulling away. Kate finds out that the Falcon, one of her gang, has been taken by Drake, a thief and murderer. Kate doesnt know what Drake will want to release Falcon.

Alec has decided that he wants Kate as his mistress. Though she wants to stay, Kate knows she must leave and free Falcon.Alec is devastated when she disappears, believing Kate has betrayed his trust. Kate must risk her life and everything she holds dear to free Falcon. It is up to Alec to save her.

LIKE NO OTHER is a very tender and, at times, very funny love story. Melanie George brings readers a bright story with a lively freshness that marks her as a talent to watch. She makes the love between an urchin and a nobleman believable, with a Dickensian twist. Hopefully, she will bring back the gang for us to meet once more. SENSUAL (Apr., 320 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager