Lady Shawna MacGinnis is positive she has seen a ghost when David Douglas returns to Castle Rock. Five years ago Shawna lured David into a secluded barn intent upon seducing him to save her clan; instead he died in the flames that engulfed the building. Now she is the clan's laird.

After years of near slavery, David has returned to reclaim his stolen birthright and to have his vengeance against the conniving seductress, Shawna.

Using the skills learned from his part Native American brother, David stealthily walks the castle's hidden corridors and passages to uncover the identity of those who had once wanted him dead and who are now stalking Shawna. There is one who would use witchcraft to destroy them both.

Though he had long ago vowed revenge, David discovers that their love has not died, and even though she betrayed him, there is no other woman who inflames his passions.

Together they expose the traitor and confront a horrifying truth and grave danger in order to claim love.

NO OTHER WOMAN is a breathtaking mystery combined with a romance that will enthrall readers who crave suspense spiced with passion. Heather Graham carefully weaves threads of black magic, Scottish history and customs, and an intriguing romance to keep you turning the pages. SENSUAL (June, 400 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin