This popular master of suspense returns with a gripping seat-of-your-pants thriller. After her husband's death, 34-year-old Celia remarries, and her new husband, Alex, buys a home.

When Celia sees it, she realizes that Alex has bought the house she lived in as a 10-year-old—where she accidentally shot and killed her mother while protecting her stepfather. (Her father died in a riding accident.) Celia was adopted by her distant cousins and changed her name.

Alex knows nothing of Celia's childhood, but someone seems to: When they move, they discover the words "Little Lizzie's Place" painted on the front door. Soon, Celia is receiving threatening calls and old photographs. When police suspect her in a new killing, her fear of discovery as Lizzie intensifies.

The intrigue begins on the first page, and the suspense builds rapidly. It becomes even more captivating as Lizzie searches for the truth behind her father's accident and tries to resurrect memories of the night she shot her mother. This is Higgins Clark at her best, a true mystery to satisfy the most ardent fans of the genre. (Apr., 368 pp., $25.95)
Reviewed by: 
Sheri Melnick