Irish ladys maid Molly Riordan is accompanying her mistress, the pregnant Lady Elizabeth, to the wilds of America so Elizabeth can marry Dirk Ballinger, the cowboy who compromised her at a masked ball in London.

But a stage coach robbery changes everything. The outlaws kidnap Lady Elizabeth and the bloodied, unconscious Molly is mistaken by Dirk as his betrothed. She tries to correct the situation, but Dirk insists her head wound is muddling her brain and marries her immediately.

With their marriage off to an unusual start, Dirk and Molly have to find a way to make their relationship work. But first they must put aside distrust and head off for the adventure of a lifetime.

The fast pace, engaging characters, tangled identities, and double love story (yes, Lady Elizabeth and her outlaw make a match) will keep you riveted. But it is Mollys search for her father and the love that grows between the two couples that tugs at your heart and has you wishing the story could go on forever. Deb Stover never disappoints so relax and savor NO PLACE FOR A LADY. SENSUAL (Nov., 390 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin