When Marcus Kane, Lord Chadwick, is asked to protect an MP from assassination, he expects this to be a fairly usual mission—until he meets his "partner," Fanny Delarive, a streetwise hellion.

Since childhood, Fanny has roamed the rookeries of London's slums and survived. She's savvy, intelligent and a superb actress who can change roles and accents at the drop of a hat. She can be a pub house whore, a servant in an elegant ballroom, a flirting miss or a thieving boy, and she is just what Marcus needs, but not what he wants.

With wit and near-slapstick humor, Katherine Greyle creates a delightful story peopled with engaging characters (mostly the feisty children Fanny befriends), sizzling sensual tension and an exciting mystery. The pace barely slows down from beginning to end, keeping you captivated and giving you a feeling of empowerment as Fanny, with her spirited nature, wins it all. SENSUAL (May, 350 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin