After seeing their father kill their mother and himself on Christmas Eve, three sisters' lives were changed forever.

Molly and Lena had grown up together, traveling from foster home to foster home. Molly is now a nun, working in an inner city emergency room, and Lena married a doctor, trying hard to find the family and stability that has always been lacking. When Molly is attacked and raped, she gives the baby to her sister, who has been unable to conceive. Afterwards she knows she can't stay close to the child she gave away. Lena thrives as a mother, but always has a small amount of fear that her happiness will be whisked away from her.

Tessa was a baby when her parents died and grew up separated from her sisters. Desperate to be an actress, she goes to Hollywood, unaware her sisters live there, and will do anything to get what she wants. This leaves her ripe for unsavory characters and the seedier side of town. The dregs and the drugs could drag her down if she doesn't take the help of a handsome detective. One of the sister's deaths again changes the lives of the other two, as they must deal with their lives, choices and loves.

JoAnn Ross weaves a tale that flows smoothly as the sisters move on and cross paths searching for a family that has long been denied them. This is a moving story with marvelous characters that should not be missed. (July, 480 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson