Image of No Regrets


Image of No Regrets

The familiar marriage of convenience plot spins out into an engaging and
adventurous story. A hero and heroine who don't quite fit the conventional
mold make for some interesting surprises and unexpected twists so not
everything is quite as it appears on the surface. The road to happiness is
bumpy, but the final result is a relationship with No Regrets.

Caroline Torrington is a voluptuous woman, bigger than what is fashionable in the ton, so she has no marriage prospects. Since she is almost destitute, this is cause for worry.

In order to receive the inheritance he desperately needs, Lucas Rivers, Viscount Foxhaven, must marry the woman his father chooses who, in this case, is Caroline, his childhood friend.

Caroline has secretly been in love with Lucas, but thinks he couldn't be attracted to her because of her size. Since she can't bear to think of a loveless marriage, she refuses Lucas' proposal. Unaware of Caroline's feelings, he counters with an offer of a marriage of convenience. But this arrangement turns them into strangers, and many misunderstandings ensue. This leads Caroline first into scandal and then to being kidnapped. Will Lucas be able to rescue her and their relationship before it is too late? (SOURCEBOOKS, Oct., 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Sandra Garcia-Myers