Image of No Rest for the Dead


Image of No Rest for the Dead

The real mystery in No Rest For the Dead is how the editors were able to gather together twenty-six of the greatest mystery writers working today to seamlessly craft a tale that is alternatively entertaining and emotionally wrenching. Like a well-choreographed dance, the different authors’ parts come together in harmony to create an engrossing experience. The story is cleverly told backwards — beginning with an execution, and then moving to solve the original crime. We know what happens to Rosemary, yet readers will not be able to stop wishing, praying, hoping for an alternate outcome. Get ready to be shocked and amazed when the final mystery is solved.

Rich society women Rosemary Thomas would probably not have been found guilty of murdering her husband under other circumstances but, due to political and bureaucratic maneuverings, she is sentenced to death for a crime she didn’t commit. Rosemary leaves behind more than just her two young children, she also leaves a question in the minds of those who worked on the case — was she the killer? Ten years after the Rosemary's execution, former homicide detective Jon Nunn is still searching for the answer. While it may be too late to save Rosemary, perhaps he can finally find the real killer and bring everyone involved some peace. (TOUCHSTONE, July, 272 pp., $24.99)

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Morgan Doremus