Image of No Risk Refused


Image of No Risk Refused
NO RISK REFUSED (4) by Cara Summers: This installment in the Forbidden Fantasies series begins with the McPherson family lore of forbidden love, priceless missing sapphires and a magical stone arch, under which a kiss ensures true love forever. When a lightning strike to the arch reveals one of the missing sapphire earrings during a wedding rehearsal at Castle McPherson, wedding planner Adair’s stepbrother, CIA operative Cam McPherson, is dispatched to keep the earring safe and to check out the identity of the groom, who might be an escaped serial con artist. While it sounds completely convoluted, the story is a fun read, and the chemistry between Adair and Cam is undeniable. But if you think about it, while the couple has had little contact throughout their lives, they are still step-siblings — but perhaps that’s what makes this story so forbidden after all.
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Kim Jefferson