Bay Butler has lost six years of her life in prison for a murder she didn't commit. Now, mysteriously, her conviction is overturned, due mostly to the persistence of Madeleine Ridgeway, who is determined to prove Bay's innocence.

Now Bay is back in the small Texas town where her troubles began, and she's anxious to discover the truth about her friend's death. Mrs. Ridgeway helps her get started, but Bay isn't prepared to come face to face with Jack Burke, the police officer who arrested her and began her nightmare journey. But Jack seeks her out and tries to get Bay to realize that he wants to find the truth as much as she does.

Together, Jack and Bay discover a web of secrets and evil that could change life for the whole town of Tyler, TX. Their journey thrusts them into danger and they have to rely on each other to get through.

Colorful characters, tightly plotted storytelling and well-paced mystery combine to deliver a book that will capture readers from the first page and keep them engaged to the very end. (May, 384 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson