Image of No Sunshine When She's Gone (Barefoot William Beach)


Image of No Sunshine When She's Gone (Barefoot William Beach)

Angell’s fun-filled cast of characters has old rivalries, intense history, loves lost and found, family ties, diverse pasts and two unlikely couples to root for. The story will keep readers up late into the night as it spirals into side plots that make you laugh one moment and frustrate you the next. Add Olive the parrot’s hilarious cameos and this book has all the makings of an addicting tale.

Jillie Mac grew up with a house full of siblings, a single mother who worked more than she was home and an estranged father, so she’s aware of what hard times feel like. Aidan Cates’ close-knit and well-off family founded the seaside village in which Jillian finds herself for a new business venture. They first meet when Jillian impersonates a psychic and gives Aidan a bogus reading to save him from his cheating girlfriend, and their paths cross again at unexpected times. Aidan seems to be everything she’s ever dreamed of but her pride and independence make her think twice. Then they both realize Jillie is working for the baseball team that Aidan’s construction company is building a new stadium for, and their friends and family get caught up in their relationship. (KENSINGTON, May, 288 pp., $9.95)

Reviewed by: 
Michelle J. Watkins