Image of No Time To Lose (Harlequin Nascar)


Image of No Time To Lose (Harlequin Nascar)
Jamie Tanner is a wiz when it comes to building high-performance engines, but because she's a woman her family won't take her seriously. When her father suffers a heart attack, however, Jamie is called home to help out with the family business. She has to find out what's wrong with the engine her company placed in Ryan Pierce's NASCAR vehicle, and soon the pair are embroiled in the mystery of the faulty and stolen engine parts. Who would want to sabotage Ryan's car? Only after Jamie agrees to build Ryan a new engine from the ground up do these two decide that they have more than racing on their minds in No Time to Lose (3), by Carrie Weaver, a fun read.
Reviewed by: 
Cindy Himler