Known for her powerful and sensual romances with a touch of intrigue, Liz Carlyle has moved further into the romantic mystery venue (` la Amanda Quick) as she brings investigator Maximilian de Rohan and Lady Catherine Wodesway together in a hunt for a killer.

The vagaries of fate bring this unlikely pair together when Max is called upon by an old friend to find out who killed her sister-in-law. The further they are drawn into the mystery, the more each realizes how much they have in common; not just the danger, but their mutual and surprising desire.

Far more mystery than sensual romance, NO TRUE GENTLEMAN is a compelling read that pulls you into the investigation as the duo track a killer through the streets of London and the heart of the ton. Along the way there are many red herrings to keep you guessing until the last moment when the killer is unmasked.

Complicated in its plotting and slowly, but carefully, constructed, the reader is given insight into the characters' motivations and desires. As a character study and a mystery, NO TRUE GENTLEMAN is first class, yet if you are looking for pure romance this is not your cup of tea. SENSUAL (Jul., 445 pp., 6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin