This first installment in Dimon’s fresh new series is enjoyable, and the plot will appeal to many different readers. By turns funny and romantic, the sexual tension between the main characters is portrayed perfectly. It’s a well-told story that’s flirty, fun and all about building relationships and trust. Fans will look forward to grabbing book number two, hoping some of their favorite characters will join them again.

Leah Baron returns home to Sweetwater after college and snags the job of head of business affairs for the town. She’s heard that the Hanover brothers have inherited their grandmother’s estate, Shadow Hill, but she still has a bitter taste in her mouth after Charlie Hanover, the infamous con man, stole from many families, including her own. Could the sons be handsome, charming and dangerous just like their father? Declan Hanover, six feet of sexy trouble, is out of the Army and looking for direction, and now he craves a home. His original thought is to sell Shadow Hill, but his thoughts change once he meets Leah, who is determined to keep his family out of town. He must convince her that con man genes don’t run in the family — even if he must prove it to her between the sheets. (US.PENGUINGROUP.COM/ PAGES/INTERMIX, dl $4.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jaime A. Geraldi