Image of Noah (Nightwalkers, Book 5)


Image of Noah (Nightwalkers, Book 5)

From the start, Noah has appeared as the stable force in Frank's demon world, so watching him fall apart is both frightening and gripping. Frank continues her major hot streak with her latest Nightwalkers novel by giving this compelling hero a heroine worthy of him. Exceptional as always!

Recently Noah, King of the Demons, has had difficulty keeping his darker instincts under control. Tormented by dreams of the woman destined to be his mate, he knows that finding her may be problematic.

Kestra Irons has lived her life on the edge. One day her luck runs out and she's killed in a deal gone bad. When he feels Kestra die, Noah temporarily loses his sanity and decides to take whatever steps are necessary to change the past, including placing infant Leah at risk. Noah succeeds in bringing a now-alive Kestra to his home, but convincing her about her role as his destined mate is not his only problem -- he may have permanently damaged his relationship with his enforcers. Adding to the danger is a new group of renegade vampires that are forcibly collecting the powers of other Nightwalkers. (ZEBRA, Sep., 352 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith