Four years ago, Charlotte Di Abalonia (née Collins) created a scandal by running off with an Italian count. Having married him—and now having lost him—she has returned to England determined to take her place in the ton.

The only means to restore her status is a fabulous marriage. Alasdair McGregor, Lord Carlisle, visiting London for his sister's wedding, has no betrothal plans of his own. All he wants is to return home to work on his marine engine.

But Alasdair is the perfect man to save Charlotte's reputation and restore her to the heart of the ton—he's also the one man who amused her five years ago. But as much as Alasdair enjoys verbally sparring with Charlotte, he vows to stay unmarried.

Katie MacAlister produces another wonderful Regency romp. This book is funny and fast-paced—with surprising twists to the story. In a few spots the dialogue is confusing and hard to follow, but overall this is a memorable book. What will Katie MacAlister come up with next? SENSUAL (May., 380 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Gabrielle Pantera