Known as the "Black Earl" to the ton, Noble Britton is looking for a new wife-not an easy task for a man living under a cloud of suspicion. His first wife died five years ago under mysterious circumstances. He needs a new wife who will be caring, quiet, and unobtrusive.

Gillian Leigh didn't intend to set fire to curtains at the party. It was just one of her accidents. Fortunately everyone, including Gillian and her cousin, are more interested in the Black Earl's entrance.

Gillian's height, green eyes, and red hair catch Noble's eye. She seems just the kind of quiet girl he is seeking-half American and 25 years old, without the airs of the other ladies. But does he know what he's getting himself into with the penniless and accident prone miss?

This story is a true romp. There is much to laugh at when reading this book and much to miss when it is over. A true "keeper" that will have readers looking forward to the next one in the series.

Reviewed by: 
Gabrielle Pantera