Image of Noble Metals


Image of Noble Metals

The unusual blend of historical romance and steampunk that Witt has created is quite interesting and a surprisingly refreshing fusion of genres. It’s a suspenseful m/m adventure and even sci-fi fans will get their fix, but it is occasionally a struggle to decipher the sometimes confusing plot. There’s a bit of a stall toward the middle, but thankfully the story picks up near the finish, which may leave you hanging. While the story is a little offbeat, it’s definitely worth a look if you’re looking to switch up your reading pattern.

Robert Belton may not have expected to end up as a prostitute in Seattle, but after gambling (and losing) all of the money meant for staking his claim in the Klondike Gold Rush, he didn’t have a lot of options. When handsome doctor John Fauth strolls into the saloon, Robert has a feeling his luck is about to change. John’s also in a bind: He’s searching for the crucial platinum he needs to complete his invention — and save his research career. When John offers Robert the opportunity to accompany him on the journey to move equipment up north, Robert gladly accepts. The pair trek through frigid terrain and encounter thieves and danger lurking in every corner. As Robert and John’s relationship deepens, they begin to wonder if the real treasure they’ve been searching for is hidden, not in the depths of the earth, but within their own hearts. (RIPTIDE, Jul., 186 pp., $15.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jaime A. Geraldi