Lady Josephine, youngest of the Powell daughters, meets her fate in the form of a widowed lord in a carriage accident on the way to Harrogate. From their very first encounter, Jo feels a warmth and rapport she had never expected to find-after all, her frail constitution has led her to believe that marriage and children would not be her lot in life.

Lord Ravenaugh is still haunted by the apparent suicide of his first wife and the subsequent emotional problems of his daughter. And, of course, he is way too old for such an enchanting sprite. But as the days go on, he discovers that Jo is far older than her years suggest and that love knows no boundaries.

Someone, however, is determined to ruin their happiness before it even begins...

A simply marvelous storyteller, Ms. Blayne outdoes herself with a wonderful heroine, a dashing hero and an intriguing mystery. A "must" read, indeed. (June, 240 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer