Signet introduces another sparkling talent in the form of Diane Farr.

A country miss, making her debut under the auspices of her aunt, befriends the daughter of an earl only to be scorned by the snobbish beauty betrothed to her friends brother. One evening, after suffering the ladys malicious comments, Caitlin Campbell impulsively decides to walk home by herself, a decision she learns to regret when she is accosted by a handsome stranger on the run from a gang of toughs.

Imagine her surprise when she is introduced to Viscount Kilverton and realizes that it was he whom she encountered that memorable night. Why had he been attacked, and just what is his interest in her? And how can she allow their mutual attraction to flourish while he is engaged?

Ms. Farr beguiles us with her appealing heroine, a neat mystery and an outstanding cast of secondary characters who spring vividly to life in this stylish foray into the regency milieu. Put this writers name on your list of authors to watch. (Jan., 224 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer