DC newscaster Cassie Sheridan gets the scoop of her life concerning the daughter of the FBI director. Unfortunately, when the story breaks, the daughter commits suicide, the station is sued, Cassie's marriage collapses, and she's sent to the Siberia known as Florida. Instead of investigative reports, she's asked to cover a potential storm in the Sarasota area.

In Sarasota, she discovers a story of another sort. Eleven-year-old Vincent Bayler, using a metal detector, has discovered a woman's hand on the beach. Cassie is curious. How could the detector have "detected" a hand?

Cassie learns that the detector had actually found a unique, valuable ring, one that could easily lead to the identity of the hand. Cassie is sure that solving this mystery will ensure her transfer back north. However, she's entering dangerous territory where her life and Vincent's will be at risk.

Although the personalities are quite appealing and the plot has several twists, it takes quite a while for this story to take off, lessening the suspense. In addition, the number of superfluous characters adds confusion to the story. (Aug., 320 pp., $24.95)

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg