The big 3-0 is approaching for Jacey Wilder, and she promised herself that if her artistic career was not running at full-steam by then, she'd give up and use her accounting degree. To avoid this fate, Jacey decides a makeover is in order. She plans on reigniting her abruptly ended relationship with Al Alcott. This might surprise some, as her reason for ending the liaison in the first place was her suspicion that Al was a serial killer. Since then, the real killer's been caught, but Al has gone missing.

When Jacey walks into aspiring author/P.I. David Anderson's office, the sparks fly as they immediately start insulting each other. David agrees to search for Al Alcott and soon discovers that he "died" four months ago. While Al might not have been a serial killer, he is definitely mixed up with the mob and a diamond heist. With those diamonds not accounted for, several people suspect that Jacey might know something about their whereabouts.

Oil and water have nothing on Jacey and David. Fast-paced, with witty dialogue and loads of humor, NOBODY BUT YOU just sparkles. Kenner is on a roll! (Jan., 400 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith