Kristabel Lewis never expected to find love at the mall. Lately, there has been no excitement in her life so when Dirk Raynard approaches her in what is obviously a case of mistaken identity, she goes along with the ruse. She accepts a date with him, knowing that nothing can nor will come of one innocent night out.

After six months of chatting with a woman online, Dirk is thrilled to meet her in person—and in a more intimate sense. The minute he sees her, he knows she is the one, but what will happen when he finds out that Kristabel has been lying to him about who she is?

NOBODY'S ANGEL has many sweet moments that made me cheer for the characters. But these moments were bogged down with too much description and character analysis. Certain characters will extol how some moment is "indescribable," then proceed to describe it at great lengths. (dl $5.00, dk $6.00)

Reviewed by: 
Robyn Glazer