The newest addition to the Rescue Me series is not only a book that should be on the top of all erotica fans' must-read list, but it is also a raw and heartfelt story with an underlying message that goes way deeper than the typical BDSM story. The sex scenes are sizzling hot and the author portrays bondage and submission as a means of healing and release. Some readers may be perplexed if they haven't read her other creations, but overall this is an "in your face" pleasurable read.

After over ten years of torment and mental abuse inflicted by her father, Savi Baker and her daughter finally flee successfully. Unfortunately, her dad catches up with them and they are once again in danger. Savi has run out of options, which causes her to reach out to her old flame, Damian Orlando, hoping he can provide sanctuary and guard her from harm. Being back in his presence again stirs up too many emotions that Savi has been trying to suppress for years. A former soldier, Damian is broken due to his time in Iraq and is unsure whether he can still be the man Savi needs, even though he will stop at nothing to keep her and her daughter safe. Plus, Damian is the resident sadist at the Masters at Arms Club and is unsure if his lifestyle will be accepted by Savi, especially since she's been trying to reclaim her life and libido again. (SELF-PUBLISHED, Sep., dl., $3.99)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Jamie Geraldi