Image of Nocturnal


Image of Nocturnal

Nocturnal is an entrancing collection of paranormal and fantasy stories, filled with captivating characters. This read will take you on a scintillating and steamy vacation from reality.

“The Phoenix Project” by Frank has Nick Gregory and Amara kidnapped, experimented on and turned into Morphates. Now mated, they’re determined to escape and rescue others taken by those behind Project Phoenix. Home in Evergreen, Calif., to run her mother’s shop while her father is ill, Mari Schwartz is soon involved with Lamurian Darius of Kronus as he battles escaped demons in Douglas’ “Crystal Dreams.” Promised protection for her sister is the only reason PI Sara Halloway agrees to work for a vampire, causing her boyfriend to leave. Haines “Spark of Temptation” has her surprised when mage Arnold takes his place — in all ways. Psychiatric resident Maggie Dillon must turn to the supernatural power she always denied to save demon-possessed Derek Fielding, whom she finds herself falling for in “My Soul to Take” by Willis. (ZEBRA, Sep., 496 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley