Image of Nocturne


Image of Nocturne

Syrie James puts her own spin on the vampire trend with this tender, character-driven love story. The snowbound Nicole and Michael have so much chemistry that everything they do, from discussing literature to carving wooden music boxes, becomes foreplay. The seclusion allows the reader to thoroughly know the characters making the multiple revelations about both Michael and Nicole all the more satisfying. James focuses much of the story on Nicole’s responses to Michael’s odd behavior and her reactions are so real that readers will easily suspend their disbelief for this paranormal romance. You won’t need a snowstorm to keep you glued to your chair, racing through this fantastic novel!

While rushing to the airport during a blizzard, Nicole Whitcomb’s car spins off the road high in the Colorado peaks. Michael Tyler sees the accident from his secluded mountain home and, despite his misgivings, pulls her from her crushed car. Afterwards the weather becomes fierce they are snowed in for days at his elegant and isolated home. Nicole is overwhelmed with gratitude—and suspicion. She finds herself is deeply drawn to this handsome, complicated man yet he clearly has many secrets. Nicole understands Michael’s need to get away from society; she is also hiding from her past. The heat between the pair sizzles as the blizzard rages, but will Nicole learn the truth about Michael before it’s too late? (VANGUARD PRESS, Jan., 228 pp., $19.95)

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Reviewed by: 
Maria Planansky