For the sake of peace, Sir Robert de Montgomery agrees to marry Lady Mina Chilcott. Unfortunately she is not his ideal. He wants lineage, wealth, beauty and submissiveness. Red-haired Mina is bold, proud, and as arrogant as any man, and she drives Robert crazy.

She tricks him on their wedding night and henceforth, Robert tries to avoid her. But she will not be ignored.

Mina takes over Robert's household, quickly winning over the servants and her new people. Reluctantly Robert grows to like and even respect her.

When Mina finally confesses her duplicity, Robert is livid. Her one act of revenge brings discord to their fragile union, and their cursed pride keeps them at odds and almost destroys their future.

Ms. Moore has written a delicious tale featuring an arranged marriage, a willful heroine and an arrogant hero (who may appear a bit too immature and doth protest too much). SENSUAL (Apr., 350 pp., $4.50)

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