This is the kind of rollicking, roller-coaster ride only Hill can create, with her magical wit and the interspersion of contemporary colloquialisms. Readers will delight in her strong heroine and stronger hero as well as the darling little girl.

A widower with an infant daughter, Sidroc Guntersson needs a wife. He chooses Princess Drifa, daughter of King Thorvald. When she overhears him bragging that he has gained a wealthy wife and mother for his child, she hits him over the head. By the time she returns he has gone. She raises the child as her own until they meet five years later in Byzantium. Sidroc learns that Drifa has a child, and with revenge on his mind, woos her to bed. He is stunned to find a passionate virgin in his arms. After he rescues her from kidnapers he’s determined to get Drifa to safety and claim his daughter. It will take a big man to admit his love for a woman who only causes him problems, but brings him all the love he could desire. (AVON, Oct., 352 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager