Image of Northern Lights


Image of Northern Lights

A nasty divorce and the murder of his best friend and partner send Baltimore cop Nate Burke on a downward spiral. Needing a complete change of pace, he agrees to become chief of police for the remote Alaskan town of Lunacy.

Nate is a fish out of water when he arrives midwinter, but he discovers that he still has a spark of life. Bush pilot Meg Galloway is unlike anyone Nate's ever met—tough, tender, fascinating and a little nuts. During a rescue mission on No Name Mountain, a frozen corpse is discovered. The victim turns out to be Meg's long-missing father. For her sake and because he fears the killer may still walk the streets, Nate refuses to let this decades-old case die.

The awe-inspiring Roberts picks the breathtaking and unforgiving backdrop of Alaska for her newest romantic thriller. While Meg and Nate are two extremely complex and captivating characters, this story really focuses on Nate's journey of self-discovery. (Oct., 576 pp., $25.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith