Image of Not Dead Yet (Detective Superintendent Roy Grace)


Image of Not Dead Yet (Detective Superintendent Roy Grace)

James continues to impress with his great imagination, conjuring up grisly murders and improbable crime scenes. However, the threats from numerous thugs and crazies, which take half of the book to lay the groundwork for, diminish the suspense. We do enjoy catching up with the lives of Grace and the rest of the inspectors in this UK-based series.

Detective Superintendent Roy Grace is coping with a number of pressures: a particularly nasty criminal is about to go to trial; a crime boss Roy put away has been released from prison early; and a headless, limbless torso has been found buried in chicken manure. Grace is also finalizing legal proceedings to declare his decade-long missing wife dead so that he can marry Cleo, his pregnant fiancée. On top of all this, throw in his assignment as head of security for Gaia, a rock star who is returning to her hometown of Brighton to film a movie. Someone wants Gaia dead and will use extraordinary means to make it happen. (MINOTAUR, Dec., 448 pp., $25.99)
Reviewed by: 
Joyce Morgan