Ray blends characters from her previous tale, In Another Man's Bed, seamlessly into this story of new love and redemption. Since she doesn't belabor it, the growth of the relationships between mature adults is a pleasure to behold. The tensions that occur are realistic and quickly resolved.

Traci Evans and Maureen Gilmore are neighbors and members of the Invincible Sisterhood, a group of widows who gather for camaraderie. A break-in at Maureen's home brings men into each woman's life and causes them to question their single status.

Simon Dunlap is the police officer that Maureen's son Ryan calls when his mother comes home to find intruders asleep in her bed. Maureen's attraction to Simon is tempered by her concern that she's 10 years his senior. But Simon doesn't allow this to deter his pursuit.

Meanwhile Ryan has his sights set on Traci, and he's a man who knows his heart's desire. But Traci's learning to trust again after her late husband's unfaithfulness struck her squarely in the face. Will these ladies give love a second chance? (St. Martin's Griffin, Feb., 320 pp., $13.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jacqui McGugins