Another engaging novel from Fabry, complete with an intriguing storyline and a bit of mystery. Truman is not a very sympathetic protagonist, and the reader doesn’t have much opportunity to warm up to him until almost the end of the book, but the redemptive themes will appeal to readers.

Truman Wiley has been an absent husband and father for a long time. His job as a reporter carried him around the world, but his penchant for gambling has pulled him away even further. His son, Aiden, desperately needs a heart transplant. A man on death row who claims to be innocent wants to donate his heart to Aiden. In exchange, he wants Truman to write his story. As he listens to the man, he uncovers things that someone may want kept quiet. Can he balance his son’s need for a new heart with the truth that seems to be coming to light? (TYNDALE, Feb., 418 pp., $13.99)
Reviewed by: 
Melissa Parcel