Image of Not Just the Boss's Plaything (Harlequin Presents)


Image of Not Just the Boss's Plaything (Harlequin Presents)

NOT JUST THE BOSS’S PLAYTHING (4.5) by Caitlin Crews: Nikolai Korovin is a wealthy philanthropist who only seems domesticated: Underneath, he’s a wild wolf that everyone fears. But on the night that this empty, ravaged man looked into the eyes of the beautiful girl who would be his salvation, he was the one who was afraid. Alicia Teller has a dark stain on her past that she’s been trying to clean for eight long years. She knows she’s in trouble when she looks at the handsome face of her destiny. Can love heal them, or are they irredeemable? This extraordinary romance stars an unforgettable couple whose racy repartee culminates in an all-sense-encompassing seduction that will take your breath away. Crews’ heart-wrenching narrative is visual, opulent and dark. A must-read.

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Haupt