Take a walk through a small private high school — or just read Vivian’s novel. An engrossing look at gossip: how it travels, hurts and is eventually overcome. High school is about learning, and, as Vivian illustrates, not just from textbooks.

Fiercely independent Natalie Sterling is running for student council president and is determined to get into a good college. But not all high school girls are like Natalie. Most are boy-crazy and desperate for attention. But suddenly there is a boy Natalie can’t get out of her mind … and before she knows it her best friend, her hook-up and her professional image have exploded in her face. Her life in shambles, Natalie must decide what’s more important: “What do they think of me?” or “What do I think of myself?” (PUSH, Sep., 336 pp., $17.99 , ISBN: 9780545169158, HC, 14 & Up)
Reviewed by: 
Raven Haller