Image of Not That Kind of Girl


Image of Not That Kind of Girl

This third and final story about these dog-owning friends is an enjoyably entertaining story. The romance builds nicely and it’s fun to watch the downfall of the villain. However, the fourth member of the quartet gets short shift with a rushed and rather implausible hook-up.

Knowing her time is close, elderly matchmaker Mrs. Needleman is determined to see Roxanne Bloom matched up with dog whisperer Eli Gallagher, though her efforts are unappreciated. However, when Roxie’s disturbed dog, Lilith, attacks her ex-boyfriend and is in danger of being destroyed, it’s to Eli she turns for help. Though Eli is on his way home to Utah, he returns to San Francisco, where he has lived temporarily while searching for his biological father, and takes Roxie and her dog to back Utah with him. As Eli helps Lilith, he also helps Roxie to overcome her mistrust of men. But when they return to San Francisco to face Roxie’s ex, secrets are revealed that could destroy the relationship they have developed. (ST. MARTIN’S, Dec., 368 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley