Image of Not My Blood (A Detective Joe Sandilands Novel)


Image of Not My Blood (A Detective Joe Sandilands Novel)

The 10th Joe Sandilands book is set in 1933 London, where Sandilands is a Scotland Yard detective. Characters have developed and grown in this wonderful series, and the plots are smart and intriguing. The story has what might be the beginning of a romance, not inappropriate since these are not just detective stories but also about Sandilands’ family and life. These are great historical mysteries, not to be missed.

On a snowy night in London, Joe gets an unexpected phone call from a 9-year-old boy who calls him uncle, the honorary title for friends of a child’s parents. Jackie’s parents have returned to India leaving him at a boarding school, a normal practice for upper-class boys. But Jackie’s experience is not normal. He has run away from school and thinks that he is responsible for his teacher’s death. Sandilands has reason to think that Jackie is his son, from when he was still in India. Joe is determined to protect him and solve the murder. At the school, however, he learns that, over the years, many boys from good families have disappeared. But no one has reported them missing. Sandilands will risk his life and career to find what happened to the boys. (SOHO, Aug., 352 pp., $25.00)

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Page Traynor