Image of Not Quite a Husband


Image of Not Quite a Husband

Thomas has quickly become a fan favorite thanks to her wonderful storytelling and her unique ability to get into her characters' minds and our hearts. Her prose has a musical quality that flows effortlessly and lures the reader into the beauty of her words as well as her story. Then add diverse plotlines, engaging characters, depth of emotion and a sweeping romance -- what more could you desire?

Unfounded fears, childhood insecurities that last into adulthood, miscommunication and a perceived betrayal destroy Bryony and Leo's marriage almost before it begins. Convinced it's too broken to be fixed, Bryony asks for an annulment.

Unwilling to face scandal, she leaves England and travels the globe to study medicine, while Leo lectures on mathematics. But when Leo learns her father is dying, he heads for India to bring her home. It's a time of great political unrest, and the beginnings of a rebellion place their lives in danger. But neither a malaria outbreak nor fierce battles can prevent their love from resurfacing. With their lives in danger, Bryony and Leo find what they have sought: passion and love without bounds. (BANTAM, Jun., 380 pp., $6.99)
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Kathe Robin