Known for her humorous, often laugh-out-loud, Regency romances, Chase takes a subtle twist and creates a poignant love story filled with heart-
tugging emotions. This story is guaranteed to bring you to tears of joy. Like Dickens, she showcases the beauty
and the underbelly of England and
introduces characters who steal into
your heart and stay there forever.

Many wonder why Lady Charlotte avoids marriage, turning suitors away and remaining in the country. It's because long ago she loved with great passion and was betrayed, forced to give up her newborn child. Now, she strives to be the perfect lady -- and she is until Darius Carsington takes over the property next door.

Darius prides himself on his cool head and his studies of the mating habits of animals. When he takes a woman to his bed, it is more as a study than a grand passion. But his icy demeanor begins to melt after meeting Charlotte, and he can't understand how she's immune to him. She's the challenge he's been missing, and he's intent on enticing the very good girl to be just a bit wicked. He's in for a surprise when she meets him head on, but it isn't until a young boy enters their lives that they learn the greatest lessons in love. (Avon, May, 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin