Mick Dunbar is one of Scotland Yard's finest detectives. He is smart, cynical and lonely. Then Sophie Haversham walks into his office and says she has seen a vision of his murder.

Mick scoffs at Sophie's warning, but when an officer is killed, he takes a room in her aunt's house and investigates Sophie's link to the crime. She fears that he will discover the family's well-kept secret. As the murders continue, Mick is compelled to believe in Sophie's clairvoyance. She also makes him believe in something else: falling in love with a warm-hearted, vibrant woman whose perfume drives him wild—and who just may be his salvation.

Excitement and sexual tension mount with each turn of the page as Mick and Sophie seek out the killer (you'll be stunned when the murderer is exposed). Ms. Guhrke manages to build a strong mystery while keeping the passion high and the reader riveted. SENSUAL (Jan., 380 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin