Every little girl dreams of having a fairy godmother, but even a fairy godmother might not know what to do with former tennis pro and party girl extraordinaire Tess Hamilton -- unless you're Aurora Favreaux, founder of Glass Slipper Inc. She knows that when you are trying to bring out the princess, you have to first tame the dragon inside.

After a career-ending injury, Tess has not only lost her power on the tennis courts, her finances are also less than kingly. Plus, her younger brother, the prince of the press and the pro circuit, is marrying one of the top sportswear designers in the world and is signing with one of her former sponsors, all right before Wimbledon. While she wishes her little bro nothing but the best, Tess is not ready to give up her reign.

Aurora, meanwhile, whips up some magic by suggesting Tess coach teenage superstar -- and fellow hothead -- Gabrielle Fontaine. However, Gaby's all-too-collected older brother/manager predicts that Tess' influence will only result in an out-of-control inferno. Kauffman has again given a modern-day twist to an old favorite. Her dialogue is witty, fun and always what you wish you could say out loud but never have the guts to. Her characters have the right amount of real-life dramatics and enchanted humor. It's a perfect "match" for sure. (Jun., 382 pp., $11.00)
Reviewed by: 
Kristen Foley